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Best from bread  


Founded in 1978. The company began activities in the province of Guadalajara (Spain). With an innovative way at that time, the company in now a leader in the breadcrumb industry, a real manufacturer of breadcrumbs and a breadcrumb supplier that started the project in order to make breadcrumbs by an industrial and automated process.

From then on, through a strictly controlled process, we have offered the highest quality in our products, anticipating the needs of the precooked food sector and meeting the demands of modern and traditional domestic cuisine.    

 Culingo believes that food quality and safety is the cornerstone of our success. For this reason, the implementation of rules that guarantee food safety and quality of our products is one of our key priorities. Our company is certified by BRC and UNE-EN-1SO22000. Our department of quality ensures that this system is understood, implemented, and maintained throughout the organization.

The team is motivated by "things done right" and therefore understands the importance of food quality and safety as a way of gaining the trust of our customers and meeting their full satisfaction with our products and services. 
Our Safety and Quality Food Policies are: 

-    Being leaders in Quality and Customer Service.
-    Commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes and activities.
-    Being leaders in Food Safety.
Continuous modernization of equipment and manufacturing processes coupled with the effort of our team, focused on continuous improvement to ensure the highest quality of our products.
Our labor in R & D + i to get products to suit new trends, customer preferences and tastes of consumers.


We provide the ready meal industries with solutions and we adapt the breadcrumbs to each customer based on the product to be processed, their production equipment, and their needs in each and every one of the phases of elaboration. 
We propose personalized solutions of battering and breading to our clients in order to achieve the full satisfaction of their needs and the differentiating effects they wish to see in their products. 

Retail Breadcrumbs: 

Domestic Range 
Culingo offers a very wide range of breadcrumbs that are conventionally used in the kitchen of our homes to prepare croquettes, breaded meat and fish dishes, dressing plates and any traditional coverage dish. 
Frumen Guarantees: 

T-    Our products come from oread exclusively produced to make breadcrumbs.
-    Products are manuf actured with the total guarantee of quality and safety food policies.
-    Mínimum se of oil during the frying process.
-    No oil stain during cooking.
There's a Culingo product for each application that helps achieve the desired finish on each dish, providing maxímum customer satisfaction to our consurners.
None of our domestic line prooucts contain allergens, or trace of them, except gluten.

We do have facilities that process Gluten free Breadcrumbs.

Foodservice Breadcrumbs


The need for high quality breadcrumbs in the hospitality and catering industries led us to market a range of products more appropriately suited to meet the demands of these sectors. 
These particular Culingo products are distinguished by their easily handled packaging and the ample range and variety of breadcrumbs available to meet the needs of the most discerning hoteliers and restaurateurs. 
There·s a Culingo Product for every application, which helps achieve the desired finish of each dish. providing maximum satisf action to all the costumers. 

Breadcrumbs for the industry

Since 1978 we are manufacturers of breadcrumbs for the supply of precooked and deep frozen companies. selecting the most appropriate raw materials and maintaining the most rigorous manuf acturing processes to ensure maximum product quality and food saf ety. 
Our assortment has a wide range of textures. particle sizes and colours within each product f amily. 
We have a different types of breadcrumbs for each application that is to be used: appropriate to the equipment and manuf acturing process. to the final product desired and. depending on whether it is a fresh or frozen product. 
We also develop new products requested by our clients to suit every need and personalize their products. 



  • Breadcrumbs range specially developed to the e/aboration of precooked and chtlled cooked products. This range of breadcrumbs prevents moisture from deteriorating the appearance of food and allowing prolonged /ifetime of the product, and breaded product image remains as the first day and reaching the final consumer as you wish. 

Breadcrumbs Culingo.jpg

Breadcrumbs packagings

The company offers different packaging options which includes retail formats and industrial.

Easy open bags

Easy open doypack

Cost-effective palletization

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