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Frozen Mango


Best from IQF 


      As it supplies high quality IQF Mango.  Sliced, diced, puree or paste, Mango is a great alternative of using the raw Mango.

IQF stands for Individual Quick Freezing, and as the name suggests, it is a method where you quickly and efficiently freeze the products individually.

This gives a very short and fast freezing time, which ensures that the products are completely fresh when they arrive at your kitchen – all the way until you thaw them from the bag, prepare them and add them in your cooking line.

At the same time, the freezing process is so effective that no larger ice crystals are formed, which potentially can damage the Mango cells. The Mango

 thus preserves its natural taste and authentic structure, as well as the nutritional content is maintained, including all the good vitamins and minerals.

Gain with IQF


Portion cost control: presliced IQF Mango avoids wasting material. The IQF process removes the first slice and offers uniform sections. Your portion cost calculations are simplified and steady.

 Time savings: Individually frozen at the end of the production line, the IQF slices, cubes, don’t stick together and remain separate in their box. This lets you use frozen Mango ingredients when you like and to save time.

Use as you need, and no lost product: you manage without wasting your inventory and your consumption, thanks to a 12-month use-by date and optimal food safety.


Taste and texture identical to a fresh product that retains the organoleptic characteristics of the Mango.

Flexible and cost-effective cooking

Since our Mango has been frozen individually, it also gives you the advantage that the product does not cling into one large ice block but can be picked up individually from the bag.

This makes it more flexible for you, as you can easily and quickly take up the number of products you need to use in your kitchen. This contributes to a more cost-efficient cooking and less food waste.

So, with IQF you do not only get fresh Mango from frost, but also more flexibility in your kitchen!


To enjoy all the advantages of IQF products, we recommend you use them without defrosting them first. If you want to defrost them before use, it is recommended to take them out of their box and store them on a plate, in a refrigerator (2°—6°C) for approximately 12 hours.  After defrosting, IQF Frozen Mango can be kept in a refrigerator between 2° and 6°C for 4 days.

*Read the spec of the product for more accurate details.

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