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Onions New Product Release

Culingo announces the global launch of a new range of Onion products.

reunión de negocios

Following developments in the UK, Ireland and globally concerning the continued spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), the 2020 NSHC that was due to take place on Tuesday 09 June 2020 in Solihull has been cancelled.

Health and safety conference

José Manuel Pérez

"With the return of the horeca channel, there is again room for fair prices" 


The COVID-19 crisis has significantly affected all companies doing businesses in the Horeca channel. In the case of onions, the largest calibers (intended for the processing industry to supply this channel) were left in the chambers, or in the fields, in the case of early onions, as there was nowhere to sell them, pushing their prices down. Restaurants, hotels and catering services have been fully closed, but little by little, they are reopening as countries are coming out of lockdown.


Julia Solar

Ikea’s meatball recipe instruction plan stacks up

Several out-of-home chains, including McDonald’s and Greggs, have been revealing their recipes to locked-down customers keen to replicate their favourite treats at home.

Now Ikea has got in on the act – with its meatballs and sauce, of course. Pleasingly, it has provided a six-step guide in the style of its flat-pack assembly leaflets. Should work well – though if there’s a piece (ingredient) missing you’ve no one to blame but yourself.

Ikea meat balls



Culingo has proved me wrong  and changing from frozen peppers to  the aseptic version has made us our lives easier.


This fried onions have made our product much nicer. Aseptic version is the way to go.


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