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Aseptic Onion, canned onion or in pouch

Aseptic canned or in pouch, the  Onion puree or diced is prepared from ripened, washed, sorted, peeled, and good Onion . The fruit is pureed or diced and passed through finishers to achieve desired texture. The product contains no preservatives.  The onion puree or dice is then processed through a final finisher screen.

The Onion puree can be stored at room/ambient temperature, so refrigeration is not needed. The Onion is prepared from clean, healthy, properly ripened Onion varieties.

It will only smell of Onion once the bag is opened. A specific area is not needed to store the goods to avoid contamination by odors. It is usually used in ready meals and has a very unique and distinguished flavor.

100% natural  Onion puree can be supplied  in various bulk packaging options, for brewing or cooking and for various other industrial applications.

Portion cost control: presliced  Onion avoids wasting material. The process removes the first slice and offers uniform sections. Your portion cost calculations are simplified and steady.  Time savings: You can add them at the end of the production line, the slices, cubes or puree don’t stick together and remain separate in their box. This lets you use  Onion ingredients when you like and to save time. Use as you need, and no lost product: you manage without wasting your inventory and your consumption, thanks to a long shelf life date and optimal food safety. Taste and texture identical to a fresh product that retains the organoleptic characteristics of the Peach.

Flexible and cost-effective cooking Since our Onion has been pasteurized, it also gives you the advantage that the product is micro stable and can be used straight from the bag or can. This makes it more flexible for you, as you can easily and quickly take up the number of products you need to use in your kitchen. This contributes to a more cost-efficient cooking and less food waste. So, with this you do not only get fresh Peach from the bag or can, but also more flexibility in your kitchen! Onion are a staple ingredient in many recipes. Keep these in your ambient store as an important ingredient for your favorite recipes. Their savory flavor often is the finishing touch to your favorite meal. Canning and preserving Onion leaves them soft but flavorful. Bennefits:

  • Minimally processed single strength vegetablepurées retain better color, flavor and nutrition profile

  • Vegetables already preserved add sweetness and nutritional value to your products and, according to the FDA, aren't counted as added sugar.

  • Preserved Onion offers more servings of fruit per cup than juice and provide additional fiber

  • Products can be labeled “made with real fruit” to add that health halo image consumers desire

  • Available in pasteurized, canned or in an aseptic form

  • Food Safety – Excellent traceability from farm to factory

  • Aseptic Onion purée, diced or sliced concentrates are easier to use because they are ready for use and don’t require thawing

  • Aseptic Onion purée, diced or sliced concentrates save energy by being able to be stored at ambient temperatures and shipped by dry carriers

  • High food safety and reliability scores

  • Wide array of organic and conventional products

  • Good to the baby food industry

Fruit pureé applications:

  • Confections

  • Dressing and sauces

  • Fruit snacks and bars

  • Ice creams and yogurts

  • Smoothies

  • Sorbets and granitas

  • Bakery

  • Beverages

  • Baby foods

Tips: To enjoy all the advantages of ready to eat products, we recommend you use them normally, just open the bag or can and put them straight into the line. *Read the spec of the product for more accurate details. *Best Onion producer, manufacturer, supplier.

Main Bennefits are: - Onion are ambient stable. - Long shelf life. Normally around 18 months. - No bacteria as the onion is pasteurized or sterilized. - The doesn´t  smell until the bags are opened. For example, onion and garlic have strong smells and in aseptic bags or in cans they don´t smell until they are opened. - The onions in aseptic bags, pouches or cans  tend to have more stable prices. - Less labour, our products are easier to handle, specially if you use our product in drums or totes, the product is pumped directly into your cooking lines. - Onion already pealed diced and precooked. - Products that are difficult to peal like onion or garlic are a big fuss. When they come and used in aseptic bags, cans or pouches they make the process much esasier. Just open the bag or can and use them straight in the cooking line. - Time saving in every batch.  For example,  normally onion is the first thing you cook in every dish. As the onion is already precooked it, once our product is added in your cooking line you just need to continue adding the rest of ingredients. And this saves a lot of time and money. -Flavour improvement. Products in aseptic bags or pouches give a better flavour to the recipe than frozen. (In some cases, companies using aseptic see an increase in sales after switching to to this product format as their meals becomes much nicer in taste. -Consistent quality. Frozen vegetables and fruits can have a very different taste profile. - Stable prices. When using frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables prices have big variations, by using ambient aseptic bags, pouches or cans, this bring safety in your costing sheets as the prices are more stable. There is a big price reduction if you used bigger packaging’s from us. 1 tn totes aseptic bags are a good solution for big users and have better prices.  Customers just pump directly from the big  aseptic bag to their cooking lines, saving a lot of time as the operators don´t need to be opening the bags and the factories using our product increase their batches per shift and at the same time increase productivity and capacity while reducing costs in their factory.

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