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Suppliers and producers

of Natural Quinoa

Made in Europe 


We are growers, manufacturers and suppliers of Quinoa.

With more than 5000 hectares and a production of over 15.000tn and wich are increasing year by year. This production is located in Spain.

The quinoa seeds are rich in proteindietary fiberB vitamins, and dietary minerals in amounts greater than in many grains.

For over a decade, Culingo has been researching  their own crops developing and supporting its introduction to the Guadalquivir Valley.

Our unwavering commitment to this goal has made us the only company in Spain capable of successfully adapting quinoa to the growning conditions in Spain un a sustainable way, high yields and high quality commercial grain.

Traceability, quality, innovation and food safety are the hallmarks of our products.  A highly qualified and professional team monitor every phase of the production process, from seed to market supporting the farmers though the season.

The company produces Conventional Quinoa, Organic Quinoa, Red Quinoa and Quinoa for baby food.





  • Whole quinoa grains, not genetically modified

  • Colour: white / yellowish white (or red, black, depending on variety)

  • Moisture level max 14%

  • Purity level 99.7–99.9%

  • Size: 1.5–2 mm (depending on use)

  • Free from any foreign materials

  • Quality in accordance with EU regulation on contaminants, maximum residue limits (MRLs) and microbiological properties

  • Optional standards: organic, gluten free, kosher

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